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Do you wish you could have guests over without your dog embarrassing you... or having to lock him/her up?

Are you sick of coming home to find your belongings destroyed?

Do you wish that you could take your dog for a walk without being pulled around the block? Or without worrying about how he/she will behave if you cross paths with another dog?

Have you spent countless hours cleaning up after your dog inside of your home?

Is your dog running your life?

WORRY NO MORE! Liberty K9 is here to help! These are very common problems that can really make for a stressful life. Let Liberty K9 help you create a harmonious environment inside (and out) of your home. Call today! You will be SO thankful you made the call.

We PROUDLY offer a Military and Law Enforcement discount!!


At Liberty K9, we're dedicated to helping you have the best relationship possible with your dog. We believe that a well trained dog is a happy dog!


Liberty K9 LLC uses a balanced training method to meet you and your dog's needs.


Liberty K9 LLC